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Thanks for stopping by. I'm so excited to meet you!

I'm the girl behind the camera, ready to document important memories that when you look back at these photos years down the road they will transport you back to that exact time. Bringing joy, smiles and tears of laughter. Helping you remember these fond memories, when they are long forgotten.


I'm so happy you want to get to know me more! When I'm not outdoors photographing amazing and fun people- you can find me taking care of my three kids, cleaning my house, binge watching shows on Netflix, reading the latest romantic novel and possibly eating too many gluten free vegan cupcakes than I should. I am a horrible joke teller but I'm the one who will laugh at those jokes or sayings that no one else finds funny. I have a strong love for Jesus and through His Grace I am saved. In everything I do, I do for His glory. I have a wonderful supportive husband, Chris, a darling daughter, Charlotte, an active son, Jace and a new baby boy named Reid. I’m a huge family gal and I thrive off of being around my family and friends. I enjoy antique shopping, going to the movies, walking around Target but most of the time I'm at home with family. You might consider me a homebody, but I aim to be more adventurous this year! Want to be my adventure buddy?

Want to know more about me and my photography style? Keep on reading.



So how am I different than all the other photographers out there? Well I'm glad you asked! I was a bride once, 8 years ago, I'm now a wife and mother. I know what it was like to plan a wedding, and I know what it's like to plan a family photoshoot. IT'S HARD! It's overwhelming and can be stressful. Well I'm here to tell you that I GOT YOU! I will and can help you in any way I possibly can. Venue shopping, flower arrangements, outfit options, everything and anything in between I can be your right hand lady. I'm here to give you an unbiased outsider opinion. And I promise to be completely honest with you! 


Okay, that sounds great! Now how is your photography style different than others out there?

I'm a natural light photographer who isn't afraid to go outside of the norm. I like to think of my style as earthy, emotional and genuine. I thrive off of getting my creativity editing style from Gods beautiful work of arts that surround us everywhere. I'm someone who is enthusiastic about capturing moments that will last you a lifetime. I get lost in the moment and will gush about how hot you guys look. I'll exclaim rather loudly how amazing the lighting is! I don't go for all the cookie cutter styles out there. I like to do my own thing and I like my images to represent YOU! So each couple is different. So each session will be different. Some couples are into the beach and want to roll around on the sand, I'll be there rolling around with you. Some couples would rather be in the comfort of their home, sounds good I'll bring the snacks! My goal is to get the real raw connection between you and your boo. I want to capture these moments for you, these REAL, AUTHENTIC, BEAUTIFUL moments that you and yours will treasure forever. Sounds good? SWEET! Lets talk and become bffs. 


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